Bespoke PVC Profiles

Gemini's R&D + Your Specifications!

Gemini offer bespoke PVC profiles made to your own specification in a range of colours.

We produce profiles in a range of colours, including White, Light Grey, Slate Grey, Dark Grey, Black, Brown, and Colour-Matched to your spec.

Please Contact Us or call 0800 328 4267 to discuss your requirements. 

Gemini offers two ranges of PVC Profiles...

Our Premium, Phthalate-free Range

When used with GrabFast Gold spray adhesive offer a competitively priced, easy to install, hard wearing and scuff resistant resilient floor finishing system that is guaranteed not to fail under our Full Adhesion Guarantee*.


Perfect for public sector facilities such as medical facilities, schools and retail where hygiene and long-term durability are essential; you need a guaranteed product you and your clients can rely on.

Our Trade Range:

Ideal for general high footfall installations, replacing old PVC profiling, less hygiene-critical environments or where a long term, Guaranteed solution is not required.

Why choose our Premium, Phthalate free range?

Using our own Laboratories together with independent sources such as SATRA Technologies, the REACH Centre and the Department of Chemistry at Lancaster University, Gemini Adhesives has conducted extensive research into what causes de-bonding of PVC profiles.


Some Phthalates are considered 'Substances of Very High Concern' by REACH as they are considered hazardous to human health. 


The most common failure with PVC Profiles made with Phthalates is migration, causing shrinkage, which results in a loss of adhesion. Phthalates migrate from the product into the adhesive, causing the bond to fail. 


Our Premium range are made with non-Phthalate based plasticisers with a heavier molecular weight & non-migratory properties, which when installed correctly will not do this. 

Further Information:


*Our Full Adhesion Guarantee is applicable to our Premium PVC Profile range, not our Trade range, only when used in conjunction with our GrabFast Gold adhesive and installed correctly in line with normal, approved methods.