Gemini Gun Wash

Adhesive Cleaning Formula - for use with Adhesives from Gemini Adhesives

Gun Wash is used to clean out your spray guns, lances and hoses after use.

Simply connect your spray hose and gun/lance to the canister as you would a canister of adhesive. Turn on the valve and pull the trigger to allow the gun wash to flow through the system.

Once cleaned, please ensure you leave the hose and gun/lance connected and under pressure until a time you are ready to connect to your new adhesive canister.

Technical Details:


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Please ensure that once connected to the new adhesive canister, you flush through the adhesive to ensure no cleaning solution is present in the hose before going into production.


Never turn the canister off until ready to connect a new canister; turning it off prematurely could result in the hose and gun becoming blocked.

If the gun will not spray:

    Check valve turned on at the canister
    Make sure gun wheel turned on
    Spray tip clear of any congealed adhesive
    Is there a blockage in the hose?