Grabfast Flat Spray

100% Even, Self-Levelling Coverage - GrabFast Flat Spray from Gemini Adhesives

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GrabFast Flat Spray has our unique formulation which designed to create a 100% even coverage across ultra thin or high gloss laminates and veneers.

Self levelling cross-linking molecules enhance the final visual appearance of the substrate, avoiding telegraphing and rippling. The high glue solid content creates an ultra strong final bond which is unrivalled in the industry.


Speed of application
High grab
High bond Strength
High glue solids
Long open time
Even coverage
Self levelling
No Maintenance
Portable system
CFC Free
Trade Approved

Technical Data:

Coverage: 15 sqm per kg
Temperature stability: 130
Canister sizes: 500ml, 22 litre & 66 litre
Spray type: Flat fan
Glue solids: 44 - 48%
Shelf life: 12 months
Fire rating: 0
VOC rating: A+

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All surfaces to be bonded should be dry, clean, and dust and grease free. To apply Polygrab hold the gun parallel to the work surface and administer a generous coat of adhesive, coverage of at least 80 to 100% is recommended.

Before bringing the two surfaces together ensure that the adhesive is allowed to tack up, i.e. to be able to touch without transference to the fingers. You can now bring the surfaces together using uniform pressure and the work piece can be instantly handled.


Never turn the canister off until ready to connect a new canister; turning it off prematurely could result in the hose and gun becoming blocked.

If the gun will not spray:

    Check valve turned on at the canister
    Make sure gun wheel turned on
    Spray tip clear of any congealed adhesive
    Is there a blockage in the hose?