Grabfast Gold 500ml

The worlds number one spray adhesive. A natural rubber based product offering very high heat stability and long term bond strength.

Grabfast Gold gives a permanent, water resistant bond on a variety of substrates with extremely high temperature stability. The high solid content provides an excellent bond strength even with a single coating. Unique to this product and revolutionary to the industry a second coat reactivates the molecules increasing its strength by over 50%.


The adhesive can be used to bond a wide spectrum of materials including decorative laminate, MDF, wood, most plastics and vinyl’s, rubber, wall claddings, polythene, concrete, metal, fabric and many more. It is important to test all the substrates to be bonded before going into production or undertaking a large contract. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure the adhesive's suitability to the substrates. If you are unsure, please do not hesitate to contact Gemini Adhesives technical department who will be more than happy to assist.


All materials should be conditioned at room temperature prior to fabrication. Surfaces should be dry, clean, and grease and dust free. Hold the gun parallel to the work surface applying an even flat coat of adhesive. The adhesive should create a webbing affect across the substrate covering 80 - 100%. The spray gun is adjustable by opening the wheel located behind the trigger. The wider the spray pattern being applied the further away the gun nozzle should be held. Do not allow the adhesive to puddle or concentrate in one area.


It is important to remember that Grabfast Gold is a contact adhesive and forms its bond by adhering to itself so there must be sufficient adhesive on both surfaces. The substrates are ready to be brought together after the solvent has flashed off, this can be determined by the adhesive being dry to touch with no transference to the finger (approx. 30-60 seconds).


Applying a second coat over both substrates will dramatically increase the strength of the bond, but the second coat should only be applied after the first has dried. Once the second coat has cured (the whole operation only takes minutes) the substrates can then be brought together, ideally using a J-Roller, applying uniform pressure (70lb per linear inch is recommended). It is important that when Grabfast Gold is double-coated the two surfaces are brought together within one hour to achieve maximum performance.


As this revolutionary system requires two coats for ultimate performance it is important to apply two thin coats: therefore, a clean spray tip is essential. The brass spray tips can be cleaned by submerging them in solvent (methylated spirits or equivalent). Useful tip: Always keep a spare tip, one in use and one cleaning. Additional brass tips are available from Gemini Adhesives.



    Ease Of Application
    Self Contained Maintenance Free System
    Ready To Bond Within Minutes
    Excellent Bond Strength
    Extremely High Temperature Stability (130c)
    Low Odour
    High Solids : Low Solvent Content