Grabfast Roofing 500ml

  • Ideal for sticking materials such as Foams, Felts, Fibres or Fabrics
  • Ider for subtrates such as Metal, Concrete, Stone Wood, Most Plastics, Glass
  • Nationwide next day delivery
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Dedicated technical department for all customers

The fastest way to bond an EPDM rubber membrane with all the adhesion properties to deal with extremes of temperature a roof has to endure.

The quickest and cleanest way to bond a rubber roof.

Grabfast Roofing has been specifically formulated for bonding EPDM rubber roofing membranes. Using technically advanced resins it can withstand the extremes of temperature a rubber roof has to endure in its lifetime.

With its fully controllable spray gun it is the cleanest way to adhere rubber membranes on the market today. There is no wastage in the canisters and no down time as the two substrates can be brought together as soon as the adhesive has flashed off. The whole system is fully portable and the canisters themselves are completely self pressurised.

Traditional methods of adhering a rubber roof are becoming archaic. They are slow, messy and labour intensive. The adhesive often taking a while to flash off especially in cold conditions. Grabfast Roofing is the opposite. It’s quick, clean and affordable.


    Fully Portable System
    Ease of Application
    Maintenance Free
    No Wastage
    Non Flammable
    Fast Curing Time

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Grabfast Roofing: Technical Data Sheet

Grabfast Roofing Aerosol: Safety Data Sheet

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