Carbon Action

Gemini receive certificate of commitment from carbon action ...

Gemini Adhesives Ltd is a world class provider of adhesives and flexible extrusions and recognises that it uses and consumes energy to deliver its products and is committed to:

  • Continuous improvement in the efficiency with which energy is used: and
  • The prevention and avoidance of energy waste wherever practicable.

The scope of this policy covers all our buildings and processes, including delivery of our products to customers.

Our prime objective is to reduce our total energy consumption each year by at least 2.5% based on turnover after taking account of changes in levels of activity, weather and other relevant factors. Other objectives and targets will be set and reviewed from time to time.

We undertake to comply not only with all relevant legislation relating to energy use but also with additional voluntary requirements which may be agreed from time to time.

We will ensure the availability of all information and resources necessary

  • To achieve our objectives and targets as per the ISO 14001 and Carbon Action Standard;
  • To plan and supervise the necessary projects and programmes;
  • To monitor energy performance, including fuel; and
  • Subject to justification on reasonable criteria, to fund investment in Euro 6 vehicles and consider new vehicle technologies and fuels.

We recognise that achievement can only occur through the action of our staff and will carry out such awareness raising, training and maintenance optimisation programmes as may be required in pursuit of improved energy efficiency and reduced losses.

In the same way we expect staff and contractors alike to support our objectives and to cooperate actively in achieving them.