Recyclable Canisters

Gemini containers undergo processing for re-use ...

Standard ISO 14021 Type II Environmental Claims are self-declared by manufacturers and must meet 18 specific requirements in order to be considered valid. These include the following

a) Shall be accurate and not misleading
b) Shall be substantiated and verified
c) Shall be specific to the environmental aspect or environmental improvement claimed. In addition when a recyclable claim is made the collection and drop off facilities for the purpose of recycling must be made available to a reasonable proportion of purchasers, potential purchasers and users of the product in the area where the product is sold. The use of the Mobius loop symbol in shape of three twisted chasing arrows forming a triangle is also subject to specific requirements under the standard.

The Gemini Grabfast Gold adhesives are supplied in metal containers. Each container is marked with the Mobius loop symbol indicating its recyclability together with an 0800 Freephone contact number linking the caller with our logistics team who will arrange for collection of the used containers by our fleet which covers the UK. Collections will be planned in a cost effective way consistent with our commitment to the Carbon Action Standard. Upon collection adhesives containers will undergo processing for re-use or recycled by specialised metal waste contractors and the recovered metal will be used to produce new products.