Terms & Conditions

Gemini Adhesives Ltd will guarantee the adhesion and stability of our flexible Gemini PVC products for a period of 10 years from the installation completion date. This guarantee is subject to the following terms and conditions.


Terms & Conditions

  • The Gemini PVC profile is supplied by Gemini Adhesives Ltd.
  • The Gemini PVC profile is bonded using Grabfast Gold spray adhesive and the application guidelines are followed. The application guidelines are available on the Grabfast Gold technical data sheet and online at www.geminiadhesivesgroup.com
  • The floor layer is registered with Gemini Adhesives Ltd and holds a valid in date license at the time of completion.
  • Job details of the contract have been registered online at www.geminiadhesivesgroup.com, installation has been inspected by a Gemini representative on completion and a certificate has been issued
  • Gemini Adhesives Ltd has had the opportunity to send a representative at any time during the installation to inspect the work being undertaken.
  • The cleaning and maintenance is carried out in accordance with the Gemini PVC cleaning and maintenance guide.
  • All Gemini PVC profiles must be installed in accordance with the Gemini PVC installation guidelines.
  • Job details must be Registered within a period of 6 weeks from the completion date
  • The guarantee will be issued on receipt of payment for the materials connected to the installation.
  • The guarantee is for a period of 10 years.

Installation Guidelines

  • Allow Gemini PVC to acclimatise in situ 24 hours prior to installation, insuring a working ambient temperature of 18 o Celsius
  • Good surface preparation is essential for a successful installation.
  • All existing wall finishes or linings should be removed below the capping line.
  • The vertical structure should be free of any adhesive residues, paints or contaminants, it should be dry (test walls for damp if in doubt), smooth, dust free & structurally sound.
  • Vertical wall finishing substrate should meet with the subfloor, paying particular attention to external/internal corners
  • Gemini PVC should not be installed over existing floor coverings.
  • Protection to be used to avoid overspray of adhesive onto any finished wall & floor coverings.


  • In the event of any failure of adhesion Gemini Adhesives Ltd will handle all correspondence with the flooring company and floor layer that carried out the installation. Gemini Adhesives Ltd will then investigate and produce a report outlining the cause of the problem.
  • A proposal to remedy the situation will then be put forward, ensuring the customer or/and main contractor are completely satisfied.
  • If a dispute arises between the flooring company, fitter and Gemini Adhesives Ltd, or the flooring contractor has ceased trading, Gemini Adhesives Ltd will be ultimately responsible for the correction of any problem.


  • Problems caused by movement of the building structure or failure of adjoining areas.
  • Damage caused deliberately or accidentally by a third party.
  • Any damage caused by fire, earthquake or flooding.
  • Incorrect cleaning of the PVC affecting the stability and the adhesion of Grabfast Gold.
  • PVC damage or adhesive failure due to the leakage of fuels, oils or chemicals..
  • Gemini will only guarantee the stability and adhesion of the flooring profile manufactured by ourselves. Gemini cannot guarantee the stability and long term adhesion of other PVC profiles, floor coverings and products manufactured using recycled material.